Discover eReading at your local bookstore with Kobo and the American Booksellers Association

Posted by Kobo August  29, 2012

There’s nothing like walking into your neighbourhood bookstore and browsing through piles and aisles of literary gems. In addition to stumbling across a first edition of your favourite book, you can soon begin your eReading journey in your local bookstore, as Kobo and the American Booksellers Association (ABA) bring the world-class Kobo eReading platform to independent bookstores across the United States.

A shining example of Kobo’s Read Freely philosophy, this collaboration takes the Kobo experience to nearly 2,000 independent stores throughout the U.S., giving consumers the ability to dive into the Kobo eReading experience right in their hometown.

We are very excited to work closely with the ABA, a partner who shares many of our core values including the love of reading!


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