Dreams of Gods and Monsters…and tea in the UK!

Posted by Kobo Reads April  23, 2014

At Kobo we’re always interested to hear from our readers. We love learning about how they like to read, what they like to read and what authors they enjoy. We’ve had an overwhelming response to the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series and we’d like to celebrate the UK release of the final book in the trilogy.

We’re excited to announce that in collaboration with Hodder and Stoughton, we’re offering the chance for one of our UK readers and a guest to enjoy tea with Laini Taylor in London.

Prize-winning and international best selling author Laini Taylor would like to say a few words below and tell you a bit more about the contest.

To my Kobo readers,

Less than a week ago the final book to the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy was released to UK readers. I am so excited that my Kobo fans in the United Kingdom can enjoy Dreams of Gods and Monsters and I can’t wait to hear what you think about the conclusion in the series.

I am so excited to hear what you think that I would like to have tea with one lucky fan and a guest on Saturday May 3rd at the Charlotte Street Hotel. The entry process is simple, please go to the bottom of this page enter your name, your email address, leave a message for me in the comment section, enter the security code then click post a comment and you’re entered to the contest.

One lucky winner will be randomly selected from the posts and contacted by email on Wednesday April 30th.  

Good luck and enjoy Dreams of Gods and Monsters.

All my best,


Please note that this contest is open to UK residents only. The tea experience will be rewarded to the winner and guest. Travel to the Charlotte Street Hotel is not included.

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Although I'm not a UK resident (I will be here for the next 6 nights though) I have flown to London from Australia via Prague to meet you
Carolyn April 29, 2014
In not a UK resident although I am staying here for the next 6 nights as I've flown from Australia (via Prague) to meet you
Carolyn April 29, 2014
I met you once before at the UK launch of Daughter of Smoke and bone - it was at the Worship Street Whistling Stop the neoVictorian styled gin joint in London. Sitting down to a high tea with you would be even more amazing as we would be able to have an actual conversation and I could marvel at your pink hair (I have none of my own). As a school librarian meeting authors is an excellent way to get students excited about books "I have met this author, she is amazing and her books will blow you away!"
Matt Imrie April 29, 2014
I am not a UK resident, and I'm not sure how tight those conditions are, but I will be in the UK on this date, as I'm coming to London during my holiday to meet you Laini! (I even carted my books half way around the world). As you know, I am a HUGE fan of your books (I won't gush here, I'm sure you have seen enough of my adoration) and I'd love to be able to have a "private" meeting with you so I can ask you questions that I wouldn't ask in public due to spoilers. I don't know if my entry is valid, but a girl has to try for this amazing opportunity!!!
Kristy April 26, 2014
I read loads and after a while I tend to forget the plot of some of the many books I've read but daughter of smoke and bone and days of blood and starlight has stuck in my head and been the best couple of books I have honestly read in years and your latest book is living up to your prior novels. Thank you so much for providing me with such amazing stories.
Simone Dawes April 25, 2014
lily harrison April 24, 2014
I'm not from the UK and i don't care if i can't win. I love tea and i love Laini Taylor's books!
Martin Manlongat April 24, 2014
Rosie April 24, 2014
I have not yet acquired a copy of the book yet, however It is at the top of my list of things to buy. Last Thursday i received my Blue Wig in the post to celebrate Blue hair Thursday!!! I would love to come and meet Laini as I have loved the series so far, and a keen writer myself, would love to know where her inspiration came from and how I could write my own book, just as well as she does! I just hope that I may be considered to meet her, and best of the luck to everyone else! "Once upon a time, an angel and a devil fell in love, it did not end well."
Nicola Stockdale April 24, 2014
I made a loud squealing noise reading that! Me and my best freind would love to meet you, we both love you books. I'm a blue haired theatre arts student and she actually makes puppets at uni! Understandably a lot of ridiculousness ensues :)
Jennifer Reeve-Fowkes April 24, 2014
I'm new to the series. I've heard so much about it in the run up to the third book that I just had to start the series. I'm almost through with the first book and loving that I've travelled to some beautiful parts if the world without leaving my sofa. Beautiful book. Excited to continue on with series.
Laura Jones April 24, 2014
Just bought the New book today.. Can't wait to read x
Lesley Connor April 23, 2014

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