Hey Japan, we’re here!

Posted by Kobo July  19, 2012

We’re thrilled to let you know the Kobo Touch has made its way to Japan. Since we first announced our plans and began pre-orders online, Kobo has had overwhelming response from Japanese consumers. Our eReader is so popular that it outsold the 100-million other products offered by Rakuten’s online marketplace – including water!

So where can Japanese customers find Kobo? You can get Kobo eReaders for sale at the following:

  • Online from Rakuten at  http://kobo.rakuten.co.jp
  • In-store at major electronics retailers including, Bic Camera, Sofmap, Joshin and Yodobashi Camera
  • In-store at major bookstores including Maruzen, Junkudo, Bunkyodo and in select Tsutaya stores

The Kobo Touch is available for the low price of ¥7,980 including tax (or $100 USD). The Kobo eReader is available in black, silver, blue and lilac.

Next stop, Italy!


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