If you like Vatican intrigue, you’ll love The Blood Gospel

Posted by Kobo Reads May  09, 2013

There is earth-shaking news for all those addicted to The DaVinci Code and the Robert Langdon series. Inferno, Dan Brown’s newest book about the conspiracies within the Vatican will be released on May 14 at kobo.com!

Inferno will satisfy the appetite for those who can’t get enough about the secrets and mysteries of the church and if you’re craving more, Kobo recommends James Rollin’s latest novel The Blood Gospel.

James visited Kobo with Andrew Pyper - whose own new book, The Demonologist, deals with mysteries of the church, good versus evil, and the existence (or not) of the devil -  to tell us all about The Blood Gospel which blends science with historical mystery and haunting suspense. This is a Gothic tale about a secret sect within the Vatican, and the hunt for a miraculous book that just might hold the secrets to Christ’s very divinity.

Check out their conversation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3frkUCm25E

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