Introducing Kobo Aura HD: The eReader, re-imagined.

Posted by Kobo April  15, 2013



Kobo Readers are passionate. They know what they want to read, how they want to read it, and they’re not afraid to tell us about it. Our most passionate Readers consume hundreds of books each year and we wanted to create an eReader just for them.   


We are excited to introduce the limited edition Kobo Aura HD – the eReader, re-imagined. Designed for our most passionate Readers, the Kobo Aura HD delivers an E Ink experience people will crave – if they’re serious about books.


Kobo Aura HD has the highest resolution, 6.8” E Ink display on the market today – offering the best eReading experience possible. Unlike other eReaders, Kobo Aura HD has a 30% larger screen with a book-inspired design that feels natural and comfortable to hold.


Kobo Aura HD also features ComfortLight technology that directs light at the page, and not in your eyes.


Kobo Aura HD boasts a 1GHZ processor making it 20% faster than other eReaders, for seamless page turns.  With Wi Fi connectivity and a battery life of more than one month Kobo Aura HD allows you to carry up to 3,000 eBooks with 4GB storage and has expandable memory up to 32GB.


Kobo developed a user experience specifically for Kobo Aura HD to harness its power, speed, and style. The Kobo Aura HD has the most customizable font styles and sizes, and is the only eReader available that allows you to adjust font weight and sharpness. Kobo Aura HD also includes Reading Life – the world’s first social reading platform that lets you share your passion with friends, family, and fellow booklovers, and track your reading stats, and more on your Facebook timeline.


Starting tomorrow, the Kobo Aura HD will be available for pre-order on Kobo Aura HD is available in Ivory, Espresso, and Onyx for the style-conscious Reader.










For more details on the Kobo Aura HD, including purchase information, visit 

For clips from the London, UK launch event on April 15, 2013 visit the video page on Kobo Cafe

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On order and waiting! It'll be my third KOBO reader. Best liked so far is, would you believe, the Mini - drop in your pocket and go. That many change with the new Aura HD.
Carl Berger April 22, 2013
Oh very lovely!! However, I just recently upgraded to the Glo and the Arc so one more might be pushing it. The Pearl E Ink is fantastic.
Melanie C April 18, 2013
The price is way, way out of line with comparable products on the market. Amazon's Paperwhite is only $119 and that's considered on the outer fringe of affordability. It's also considered the Cadillac of eReaders. A product like the Kobo Aura HD will get crushed by the competition for many reasons, not least of which is a profound lack of name recognition in the States, and spotty customer service support. For me to buy this product would require a price nearly half of what's being asked. Or, at most, no more than Kindle Paperwhite. Kobo cannot compete with Amazon -- in price (of eReaders and eBooks), selection, or customer service. So, to achieve any sort of market share it'll have to significantly lower the price.
Bill April 17, 2013
Looks really tempting. US$170 seems pretty reasonable, but AU$220 is a pretty massive "currency fluctuation". -_-
Paul "TBBle" Hampson April 16, 2013
Yes! :D I always hoped Kobo would shoot for the over-6" range. It's been an unfulfilled niche for years.
MechR April 16, 2013
Love the one month battery life, great for travelling! Looking forward to the Kobo Aura!
Joni April 15, 2013
I just know I'm going to get one of these.
Jason April 15, 2013
I bought the kobo touch and was so impressed I went out and bought the Vox the day they went on sale in stores and now it's obsolete. I'm not sure if I want to spend anymore on another version if it's just going to become obsolete too.
Laurie Widenmaier April 15, 2013
The comment about font weight and sharpness is a bit strange. That has been offered by Kobo for the Touch/Glo/Mini for most of the Kobo supplied fonts. If this means the font adjustment tools have been extended to all fonts including those added by the user, that would be great otherwise I have to wonder who reads their advertising copy.
David April 15, 2013 fantastic! Go Kobo!
Jeremy Ezell April 15, 2013
The Kobo Aura HD looks fantastic. Love all the features especially the different fonts and styles and adjustable glow or day and night reading. Love that it is still pearl E ink so the is not glare like on the color and you can read outside comfortably. Looks good.
Melanie April 15, 2013

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