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Posted by Kobo Reads March  06, 2014

Kobo’s hometown is Toronto, a city once best known for being “clean”. That’s what tourists commented on most frequently, and we’re pretty proud of our tidy habits.

Lately, however, we have become known as the city with the colourful mayor – comedians on late night talk shows have used mayor Rob Ford as the butt of many jokes based on his habits of making outlandish statements and for shenanigans performed while impaired by something. There is a video few saw of Ford smoking what looked like crack cocaine.

The Ford saga has been fodder for thousands of pages of newsprint but what was missing was the backstory – how did this situation get so crazy?

Enter Robyn Doolittle, the intrepid Toronto Star newspaper reporter who was one of just three who saw the video as it is known. She uncovered the family history and the reasons why there may be more madness to come.

Robyn was here at Kobo HQ to tell us about her new book, CrazyTown, which tells the Ford story. We were riveted to every word. Check out what she had to say here:

If you want to read more about it, here’s her book:


And find out what Robyn and funnyman Jon Stewart chatted about:


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