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Posted by Kobo March  19, 2015


When Julie Kenner was “knee-high to a grasshopper” (an expression that she would like it known she has never, ever used in real life), she informed her parents that she was going to be a novelist. She then proceeded to write Kitty Claws, a bestselling book about a cat as Santa--the book sold out its entire print-run of one, so lets not split hairs about that “best-selling” thing, okay?


A few dozen years later, she’s still selling out print-runs. Known primarily for her award-winning and international bestselling erotic romances (including the Stark and Most Wanted series), J Kenner has been writing full time for over a decade in a variety of genres including paranormal and contemporary romance, “chicklit” suspense, urban fantasy, and more – selling more than a million copies of her work, and developing a legion of fans in the process.


What’s the last book you read that made you laugh? And cry?

Rob Lowe’s LOVE LETTERS made me both laugh and cry, but the chapter in particular where he talks about loving his wife and wanting to be a better man for her had me tearing up.


What was your favourite book as a child?

A WRINKLE IN TIME. I re-read it so many times it fell apart!


What do you plan to read next?

I’m super-excited to start the next C. L. Parker, PLAYING DIRTY, even before it’s released!


Typewriter, laptop, or pen & paper?

Laptop all the way! I used to need a pen and paper to write, but now I have a hard time composing without a keyboard in front of me!


The most tedious thing in life?

Doing the dishes! It never ends!!




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Just wanted to let you know your great. You probably hear that sll the time but I just had to say it again and also wanted to thank you for letting me be on your street team. I am mostly a reader I don't have a blog. But I do love to read and write reviews and have a following of friends that always ask if I have read any good books. And you are always on my list of great reads. Any of the Stark novels including Wanted series and have of course telling them the newest Jackson Steele (which I am currently in the middle of my arc) is great will be getting my review done. After all that just Thank You!!!
Teresa Manning March 31, 2015

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