Step into the world of Robert Langdon with Kobo's ‘The Descent’ for a chance to win $5,000

Posted by Kobo April  25, 2013

Did you know Dan Brown’s newest Robert Langdon thriller, Inferno, launches May 14?


To celebrate, we’ve created The Descent – a first-of-its-kind experiential contest based on eBooks. The three-week contest challenges you to channel your inner Robert Langdon by finding hidden clues throughout three original short stories authored by J.F. Penn. There’s more than meets the eye if you accept ‘The Descent’ challenge – you'll be taken beyond the books to collect additional clues online in order to decode the mystery. 


We’ll be releasing a new eBook each Thursday for Readers to download for free using a free Kobo app or Kobo eReader. The Descent begins with the debut of the first free eBook Sins of Temptation released exclusively on today. 


To stay ahead of the curve, make sure you follow Kobo on Facebook and Twitter and keep an eye on #KoboDescent for more clues. 


The first person to crack the code wins $5,000.


Check out to find out more. 


Are you in?

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love contest and reading Dan Brown.
wendy Hatfield April 25, 2013
Hello, I bought a book from Kobo a few minutes ago, and it is not readable on my computer. Honestly, the site doesn't make it clear that you need a special reader. I tried to download the reader, but my computer says the reading file is corrupted. I've looked everywhere on your site on how to deal with this, but no help and no option to contact you guys. Honestly, I'm really annoyed about this and will seriously reconsider ever buying anything on Kobo again. Please assist me in obtaining a refund for my book. Thanks. UZ
Um April 25, 2013

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