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Posted by Kobo March  31, 2015
In exactly one week the Submissive Series continues with the release of The Enticement by Tara Sue Me. We're celebrating this release by giving one lucky reader the chance to have brunch with Tara Sue Me in London! 

All you have to do is comment on the blog post below. Tell us why you love the Submissive Series and we'll randomly select the winner and notify them by email on Tuesday April 7th.
Check out our exclusive blog post below by Tara Sue Me on why she decided to continue the Submissive Series. Don't forget to pre-order The Enticement and comment below for your chance to meet Tara Sue Me in London. 

Contest Terms and Conditions:

  • Brunch will be at the Dean Street Townhouse, 69 – 71 Dean Street,  London,  W1D 3SE on Friday 10th April at 1100 am GMT
  • The time and date of the brunch are not negotiable. If the chosen winner cannot make this time unfortunately another winner will be chosen
  • £50 will be given as part of the prize towards transport costs. No accommodation is included as part of the prize
  • The winner of the contest is eligible to bring one guest along with them 

Why I Decided to Continue The Submissive Series 
By Tara Sue Me

When I was a little girl, like most little girls, I used to dream about my wedding. Of course, at age six, my focus was more on the big white princess-looking ball gown I’d wear (with lots of petticoats and a long train) than anything else.

As I grew older, the dress changed (short sleeves, no big bow in the back, and lots of petticoats) but I started to wonder about the man who would be standing beside me. What would he look like? Did I know him already? What was he doing right this second? Did he ever think about me?

Then, when I met the man I would marry, my thoughts changed again. Where would we live? How many children did he want? Did he put the toilet seat down? And the dress, while still important, became more of a symbol of a life I was leaving behind and the new waiting for me.

Because, you see, the wedding is never the end of the story, but the gateway into an entirely different one. There is so much that happens AFTER the couple gets together, AFTER the honeymoon, and yes, AFTER the kids are born. And it’s raw and real. It’s sexy and intimate. And it’s terrible and beautiful and so much more intense because OMG, you’re in this deal FOR LIFE.

And that, that heartache and happiness, that joyous triumph, that emotional and physical connection with your soulmate is something worth writing about.



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Your series is riveting and such page turning I cannot wait for the next book. Your writing style is exceptional!
Elaine dobbins April 06, 2015
Oh, Tara, I'm so proud of you. You've come a long way from our days in the forum, and you're finally living the dream. I'm so happy for you, and so honoured to have known you! The Submissive series has always been a work of art. Congratulations on all your success :)
Lilliana Watkins April 06, 2015
I have loved reading the submissive series, watching the characters evolve and interact has been a delight. Its also made me want to be more creative so I have finally put my pen to paper and enjoy writing for myself.
Claire Anderson April 01, 2015
I have read all your books , i never had time for books but when The Submissive series came out the Covers them self had me drawn to them so read them as they came out and have read them within 24 hours of release , Who wouldn't want to be Abby :-) .... Roll on the next
Lynsey King April 01, 2015
I love the fact that the first book was from Abby's point of view and the second book was from Nathaniel's and the third is from both of their points of view. I love reading books, different genres, but to read a series of books like these and see the characters world from their angle is a really good. It's really good because when your reading you have to use your imagination to picture what you reading and when you read it from Abby's point of view, it's like your seeing it through her eyes and then you read it from Nathaniel's point of view, you see it through his eyes. By doing this the author gives the reader a different world to look into which is really refreshing for a book lover like me. Can't wait for the next lot of books from her.
Julie April 01, 2015
I love your books I loose myself in them your an amazing author thank you
kellisa dowsy April 01, 2015
I started reading Tara Sue Me, when she was writing fan fictions and I didn't stop when she become a published author because her stories are the perfect mix of feelings, romance, erotica and everything else in between. Her style is unique and reading her books is such a pleasure that when you reach the end you wish you could go back in time and experience the book as if it was the first time again and again. These are all the reasons why I read her books and I fall in love with her characters everytime
federica Roberti March 31, 2015
I loved all your books and I have said many times on Twitter lol but I have the submissive series in ebook and paper back your books are what a busy mum needs at the end of a day to forget about the cooking cleaning and the school run and just remember yes I am a mum and a wife but I am also Sam and your books do that for me there my paradise in a busy life xx
Samantha Harrington March 31, 2015
I love Tara Sue Me books. Always on edge of seat right through from beginning to end. I cant say that i love the submissive series the most as all of her books keep me inside them. Thanks for listening xxx
Tracy - Lisa Phillips March 31, 2015
i have never loved a book more than the submissive series. It's the first book that I've never been able to put Down. I read each book in one sitting cos I was so hooked.
Kymberley Jamieson March 31, 2015

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