June 27, 2017
The Canadian prairie is a hardscrabble place, where human scale is rendered ridiculous and no one expects to dance. These aren’t my words but those from a Richard Avedon book of photographs of prairie people and the West. The book isn’t about Canada exactly but I’ve adopted his words because they are true.

Stephen Stohn: Books That Mean Canada To Me

June 26, 2017
For more than 30 years, the students of Degrassi have been roaming the hallways, with or without a hall pass, learning the ropes on how to cope with life. Stephen Stohn is best known for being the executive producer of the beloved show, currently airing new episodes on Netflix worldwide in over two hundred territories and seventeen different languages. But that’s not all he’s known for; he is a well-regarded Canadian entertainment lawyer, who over two decades has produced The Juno Awards—Canada’s premier music awards show.
June 23, 2017
Shaun Proulx has been on the Canadian media and entertainment scene for years, with credits ranging from TV host to author to life coach to activist for mental health, animal rights, and the HIV stigma. He credits his self-made success to living well and by his own rules, and is passionate about leading a #ThoughtRevolution about overcoming the false premises society teaches about what’s truly possible for each of us.
June 21, 2017
“Summer holidays” might be the sweetest words in the English language. For some, it means jumping into a convertible with Ray-Bans and sunscreen and taking off for the beach; for others it is pitching a tent in the wilderness. There are those who take off for al fresco lingering under the Tuscan sun, others who build their memories around the family cottage at the lake.
June 20, 2017
For most of us, lifestyles of the rich and famous are the exotic stuff of dreams or TV shows. For author Kevin Kwan, it’s just how the neighbours behave. He turned his proximity to these rare birds into bestselling novels describing them. Kevin was recently in town, and we caught up with him over high tea to talk about his newest book, Rich People Problems—the third installment from his Crazy Rich trilogy.

The books that tell Canada’s Story

June 16, 2017
I always say that at Kobo we stand for the people who put books and reading at the very centre of their lives—those passionate booklovers who identify as readers, first and foremost. We do this, because we are those people. I am one of these people.
June 12, 2017
You know dads. They tell jokes that are so bad they’re funny. Dads willingly wear the weird hand-knit reindeer sweater during the holidays. They accept that sometimes socks are a good birthday present. And they often have quirky taste in reading.
June 09, 2017
Haven’t you heard? Wedding season is upon us, which means for some there’s a ton of excitement in the air and more than a healthy dose of drama on the horizon. No movie captures what it’s like to be a part of a bridal squad better than Bridesmaids, with each character’s personality rounding out the crew in an essential way. We pondered what books they should read when they need to take a moment to chill.