September 21, 2017
If I asked, “did you have a favourite teacher growing up?” I bet you’d have one teacher that immediately comes to mind; after all, most of us spend 14 years of our youth surrounded by educators. Teachers are an integral part of a child's emotional and intellectual development. They are our safety net, tutors, support systems, educators and so much more. Kobo went on the hunt to find a teacher that was anything but ordinary. Someone unconventional, who pushes the boundaries and encourages children to develop the skills that they need to pursue their wildest dreams, in and out of the classroom.
September 19, 2017
A narrator can make or break an audiobook. We can be listening to some of our favourite stories, but not be able to get through the audiobook because the narrator just isn't doing it for us. A really fantastic narrator can breathe life into the characters and bring the listening experience of an audiobook to new heights. Of course, we all have our own personal preferences, but here are the top 10 audiobook narrators we came up with:
September 15, 2017
It was a wet and wild weekend, and almost nothing went according to plan. The three-day Osheaga Festival of Music and the Arts has been on my bucket list for years. Well, that is if a bucket list can contain something that I’d like to make a habit. This was the year to get that habit started, my first trip to the three-day festival held at Parc Jean-Drapeau.
September 14, 2017
Tea parties are fancy and whimsical and they provide so many cute Instagram-able opportunities. It may be the only occasion where it is acceptable to wear enormously large hats, feature unlimited doilies and sip on hot drinks with lavish names such as royal cream of earl. Kobo found a way to reinvent the traditional tea party and it features two of our favourite things, books and booze…
September 12, 2017
I’ve always been a writer. After I finished my undergrad, I did a post-grad creative writing program, and when I was applying to it, I saw right beside it on the enrollment page was a Creative Book Publishing program, and I just said “of course! That’s what I’m meant to do!”
September 08, 2017
Audiobooks offer the opportunity to experience the joy of being told a story. And, when you think of it, who better to tell a story than someone whose very job it is to create a sense of story, narrative, character and all the nuances of human emotion?
September 07, 2017
Maxine Bailey is a powerhouse who has devoted her life to the power of stories. Her current day job is Vice President, Advancement for TIFF, responsible for raising 25% of the organization’s annual revenues. TIFF is known for the annual Toronto ...