My Reading Life

April 17, 2017

10,000 Pieces, One Beautiful Story

When Tilda Shalof first began collecting bits of plastic from the hospital, she knew they would one day become part of a bigger story. The only question was: how? Shalof, a veteran ICU nurse, reveals what it is really like to work behind the closed ...
March 28, 2017

Why I’m Aiming to Read 52 Books in 2017

You know those people who could win the Olympic gold medal for speed-reading? The ones who seem to glance at their textbooks in school and still get an A? I’m definitely not one of them, and never have been. I’m the type to savour books, lingering ...
February 13, 2017

A Booklover's Dream Wedding

When my husband and I imagined getting married this past June in Rigaud, Quebec, we knew a couple of things were a must: We had to be married in nature, and we had to be surrounded by books. Aside from both being lifelong book nerds, we actually ...
November 13, 2016

Three Books That Saved My Life

I often wonder where exactly I’d be if the right books had not found me at the right time. I’d like to think that I’d be okay no matter what, but the truth is that certain passages from certain books have been like life preservers for me throughout ...
August 15, 2016

Living with Books in a 31’ 1977 Airstream Land Yacht

When brothers Matt and Tim Otten spotted a sales listing for an old ‘70s Airstream, they knew it was the kind of project they had been looking for. Tim, a seasoned builder and Matt a marketing professional, had everything they needed to renovate the ...
July 25, 2016

Books I Read & Books I Keep

Three months ago, my partner and I moved into a gorgeous (but tiny) 500 square-foot flat. The smaller space meant tough decisions: do I really need that novelty singing fish plaque? Is this grade nine basketball jersey (now, several sizes too small) ...