So many options, so little time. Here are our picks for a great weekend read: 


  1. Dive into any of the short stories in Circus by Claire BattershillClaire is the fiction winner in our inaugural Kobo Emerging Writer Prize – each of the nine stories in Circus reveals something poignant and curious, and our whole team fell in love with her cast of delightful misfits, hopeless romantics and striving anti-heroes. You’ll love them all.


  1. Catch up on the week that was – the Maclean’s Get Serious, America issue. Read Maclean’s free for 14 days when you buy a subscription  that’s two weeks of catching up, done! 


  1. Meet an old friend for the first time – read In the Unlikely Event by Judy Blume. Did you leave Judy behind in highschool? Well, she’s back and she’s here for the grown-up you. Her book for adults is a page-turner and has the same great storytelling, memorable characters and real-life-feeling events you remember.


  1. Indulge in a delicious bit of gossip with Down the Rabbit Hole by Hugh Hefner’s former #1 girlfriend Holly Madison. She dishes like mad but there are also surprisingly profound life lessons. And dish.


  1. Test drive a big new book - City of the Lost: Part One by bestselling author Kelley Armstrong. The first excerpt of the six-part serialization is just $0.99 – talk about cheap thrills! And how’s this for a premise? A murderer who gets away with it turns top detective who dates an ex-con. Gotta love it.