The world of books has been heating up this summer – and we wouldn’t want you to miss a thing. Here’s what to catch up on this weekend:


  1. Go Set a Watchman - You’ve probably heard the news about Atticus Finch. This book tells tells the story of what happened after To Kill a Mockingbird. It’s not pretty. But it IS what people are talking about right now.


  1. No time to sit down and read the Watchman? Check out this preview or listen as Reese Witherspoon reads it to you.


  1. Will Spinsters take over the planet, like Zombies seem to have? Will we be happy when they do? Find out!


  1. Looking for ideas for what books to take to the beach? Here is what folks at the New Yorker are reading this summer. Come to think of it, maybe you should be reading the New Yorker! 


  1. The rich are different. So very different. Find out how the other half lives and live with them vicariously in the super-fast page turner, China Rich Girlfriend.


Don't see anything that catches your fancy? Let us know what you recommend for the weekend?