1. Get a chilling thriller: We’re still talking about Last of the Independents, a fast-paced murder mystery set in, believe it or not, the not-chilly Vancouver (and, it’s the  winner of our Emerging Writer Prize!) 


  1. Embark on a trivial pursuit: Not only is it fun, our trivia contest could mean extra savings on your next book. Not in Canada? Trivia happens everywhere. Test your knowledge with 101 Amazingly True Facts You Didn’t Know.


  1. You think it’s hot here? Try Circling the Sun. Take a virtual vacation and travel in time to 1920’s Kenya, where beautiful and rich ex-pats play with fire – in a book written by The Paris Wife author Paula McLain. 


  1. Don’t Look Behind You. We were so sorry to learn of the recent death of Ann Rule, who basically invented the modern True Crime book. Check out this, just one of her many best-selling compilations of case files or start with the book that started it all, The Stranger Beside Me.