You should probably try to keep up on current events like the plunging currency in China, race relations or Republican shenanigans in the US, the impending election in Canada and other important issues. Or, you could just relax a bit with these great reads:


  1. Teller off in Esquire – budding superstar Miles Teller seems to have let success go to his, er, head, and thus joins the likes of Hemingway (insert NYT link) in the illustrious tradition of the really cringe-worthy celebrity interview.  You may never look at a highball glass the same way again. Check it out in Esquire’s September issue .


  1. When you just can’t wait - Temperance Brennan is back August 18 in Kathy Reichs’ much-anticipated new novel, Speaking in Bones. Fans can find early clues of what’s to come in the preview novella, Bones on Ice.


  1. You’re not weird. You’re just online. Online entertainment mogul, actress, and “queen of the geeks” Felicia Day tells it like it is in You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost), her funny, quirky, and inspiring memoir.


  1. The (comic) book was better – The Fantastic Four movie might lack superpowers at the boxoffice, but the books are pretty great. See what the writer originally had in mind. 


  1. Read it and eat. Kitchen of the Great Midwest is a delicious first novel about a woman with a once in a lifetime palate. It’s mouth-watering.