Time is precious and choice is a paradox – so we’ve curated the perfect list for a smart weekend.



  1. Sometimes silence speaks the loudest. You have no doubt heard the news that Beyonce is Vogue’s September issue cover girl. What you have not heard is, well, Beyonce – as noted in the New York Times, she has apparently gone silent. See but don’t hear her in the September issue, now on sale at Kobo.


  1.  Whet your appetite. A Kobo staff favourite -- Kitchens of the Great Midwest is the delightful tale of a woman who is larger than life in every way. A book for foodies and those who merely eat, it is the story of a life told through great food.


  1. Speaking of food – Alice Waters, creator of Chez Panisse, the restaurant and the philosophy that kicked off the whole slow food, “eat local” organic-is-best movement, offers her top ten books she’d want if she were marooned on a desert island. There must be something yummy in here….


  1. You are here. Read the movie – John Green’s Paper Towns is a brilliant, funny story of revenge served cold, true love and friendship. 


  1. And now for dessert. What goes better with a book than a cup of tea and a cookie? Murder perhaps. Get started on this delicious mystery series, which kicks off with The Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder.