When my husband and I imagined getting married this past June in Rigaud, Quebec,  we knew a couple of things were a must: We had to be married in nature, and we had to be surrounded by books. Aside from both being lifelong book nerds, we actually credit writing (and books) for first bringing us together.

Back in Montreal in 2006, I was headed to a university writing workshop when my printer broke down, so I ran to the local copy shop to get my work printed. The guy behind the counter struck me immediately as a thoughtful and inquisitive person. We spent our first date talking about our love of books over beers, and the rest is pretty much history. 


All photos: Lauren Kolyn Studio


We can look back on the timeline of our relationship and remember the books that were meaningful for us both at the time. Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina during a particularly rough winter in 2008, Steinbeck’s East of Eden when we first moved to Toronto in 2012, and, at least for him, everything Dune, all the time.  We devour the classics and the kitschy, the non-fiction and the occasional poetry.

Here are a couple of ways we tried to incorporate our love for books into our forest wedding at a sugaring-off venue called Sucrerie de la Montagne.


1) Since our venue was held outdoors, we alternated our tree-stump aisle with fresh flowers and classic hardcover books.


2) We joked that my handwritten vows would be the size of novel, so when I pulled out a notebook about that big during the ceremony, we imagined our guests thought they were in for a long-haul.

Library cards

3) When it was time for everyone to head indoors for our reception, we made sure that their escort cards were library cards, assigning them to a book-themed table. You can imagine that the Jane Austen enthusiasts were not disappointed.

library card poster

4) Throughout the night, our guest were able to leave their well-wishes for us on our library card poster, chosen to match our initial library-themed save-the-dates.


5) Our sweetheart table was adorned with a simple heart garland (Etsy is the best!) made out of recycled book pages. We also had a couple of other nods to both books and marriage scattered throughout the venue.:HeartGarland.jpg


Looking back on the day, I think we can both safely say that it was a nod to love, family, and the ability for the chapters of our lives to continue to deliver adventure and inspiration. Neither of us would use the word fairytale, life is far too complex for that, but a tale it is, none-the-less. We continue to relive it with each other and are glad to share it with all the booklovers out there!  May all your lives also be full of stories to share!


Have ideas for your own (bookish) dream wedding? Let us know in the comments below.