I always thought Peter Mansbridge was charming…


Last night, CBC did a piece on ebooks and the change in the marketplace.  I talked about how we are at a tipping point – with the media sector changing, new powerful devices like iPhones in the market, great new content from publishers and people reading differently.  It’s an ideal time to get into the market and help shape it.  The market is small today, but growing fast to be a $1B market in a few years.

CBC said Shortcovers is like a bookstore in your pocket – no matter you are, in the back of a cab, at a Starbucks or Tim’s – you can find your next great read, click, buy and get it downloaded instantly.  You only need your existing mobile device: like an iPhone, Blackberry, or a web browser.  That’s a huge convenience for consumers, especially because you can use the mobile phone you already have vs some special ereader.

Momentum continues to build for Shortcovers, and we’re set to launch later this month – perhaps with some *surprises* of our own.  Maybe then I’ll get to meet Peter Mansbridge in person…(for my Mom, of course)