Some people say, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” Well I say, “Don’t judge a Kobo by it’s looks!” How many times have you had an adult or a teacher tell you that reading is important? The truth is they are one hundred percent correct! What they don’t tell you is that the best way to read is to use a Kobo. If you have no idea what in the world a Kobo is, then let me tell you. A Kobo is basically a tablet but, there is only one app, the “reading app!” Kobos are better than paper books!


Often, many big readers run out of room for all of their books! Guess what solves all of that? A Kobo! A reader that has experienced this awful, horrible lack of space is Zachery. He said that getting a Kobo was a space saver and that whoever invented the Kobo is a genius! He plans to get a lot more books on his readable miracle. When I say lots of books can fit on a Kobo I mean hundreds of books! Think of all that room being saved by a Kobo! Soon you will say, “Kobos are better than books!”


Evidence shows that there is a very high chance you will have a hard time reading in the dark. With a Kobo, you don’t have to worry about that! You may not know this, but your parents pay money for how much electricity your house uses. So turning on the lights every time you want to read is not good. But this awesome reading device has a light built into it! Some people think that a reading light for regular books is the solution, however, reading lights use batteries, and  batteries cost a lot! If you have a Kobo, you can easily recharge the Kobo battery. In addition the Kobo battery will last months! Imagine the convenience of not having to buy batteries.  Furthermore, the Kobo light has a changeable setting. This is great because you can use whatever amount of light you want! Kobos fix all of your reading problems!


Usually you have to go to Indigo, Chapters, or other book stores to get a book. With a Kobo you can buy almost any book, anywhere, anytime! A Kobo has a store built into it. Plus, a paper book costs more than a Kobo book! Experts have discovered that people like stuff a lot more when things cost less, and when they don’t have to go any where to buy it!  I bet you would love it if you could buy any book, anytime you’d like, and it costs less too. As a result, Kobos are portable, save money, and are the best way to read.


Think of all the advantages of a Kobo over a paper book! First of all, lots and lots of room is saved. I’m sure 90%-100% of all people who have Kobos agree that Kobos are room saving miracles.  Secondly, who wants to read what they can’t see? Remember that Kobos make so that you can read in the dark! Finally, Kobo books are way easier to buy and cost a lot less too. In conclusion, Kobos are better than paper books!


Libane Hersi is a grade four student at Rotherglen School in Oakville, ON. He wrote this essay as part of an assignment from his teacher, Mrs. Ardila.