Many many moons ago, even before we first launched Shortcovers, we started into the murky waters of the Android platform with ‘Shortcovers for Android’. What started as a weekend project grew into a full fledged application that we shipped out to our early Shortcovers customers.

But like with many things we developed for Shortcovers, we were too soon. The Android platform was too new, the phones were too immature, and people just weren’t ready. We noticed that, and let the Shortcovers Android app lie fallow.

In the last 18 months, this has massively changed. What was once an early adopter platform has risen to become a major competitor to Apple’s attempted dominance of the smartphone market. Android now powers major smartphones, with specs that equal or rival the leaders in the space. We knew we needed to get back into the Android space, and soon.

We are proud to announce that Kobo has returned to the Android device! We have beaten major competitors to the platform, and are offering the first full fledged eBook store on this rapidly expanding platform. With this has come some have major opportunities to be pre-loaded on new Android devices coming to market later this year.

We’ve already started to see some great press:


“Kobo is now available on more platforms than any other reader, making them a force to reckoned with in the e-book sector.”


“The text is very comfortable to read and is very clear and crisp.
With the large display of the EVO 4G, reading with Kobo has actually become my primary method of ebook consumption on the go.”

You can learn more about this great application by visiting our Kobo Android page:

Kobo for Android requires Android OS 1.6 or higher