With her latest book just released (Spell Bound), Kobo had a chance to catch up to bestselling author Kelley Armstrong. Find out what’s coming up after the Otherworld, her thoughts on eReading, and why she’ll be reading her own books while she’s on tour…

1. You’ve said before that your “Women of the Otherworld” series will be your last. What have you planned for the future?
I’ve sold a new adult series (Omens & Shadows) that has some supernatural elements, but is more mystery. That will follow the Otherworld. I’m also trying my hand at middle grade, having just sold a Norse-myth-based fantasy trilogy that will be co-written with Melissa Marr.

2. What are your thoughts on this digital age of reading? You’re pretty tech-savvy – do you eRead? And do you find your books reach a different audience through eReading?
Yes, I’ve converted. While I still read print books, I travel so much these days that e-books are a godsend, letting me take my entire TBR shelf on the road. I’m not sure yet if I’m reaching a different audience through ebooks. I haven’t had reader feedback to suggest that. Instead, I’m finding an increasingly large percentage of my existing readership is shifting from print to ebook.

3. How much does being Canadian affect your writing?
I’m not sure that it does. I like to set books in Canada whenever possible – it doesn’t always work for the storyline. And, after the early years of touring exclusively in Canada, I suspect that Canadian readers have had more of an impact on my work than readers from other countries. They’re the ones I’d hear from, so their feedback was important.

4. Do you have any writing rituals? Do you do anything unique when you sit down to write?
With a full household of husband, kids and pets, I need to be able to jump into writing at a moment’s notice. If I could only write at certain times and under certain circumstances, I’d be in trouble! My basic routine is to start writing or editing when the kids go to school and work until they come home. Then I get things like business done after dinner and on weekends.

5. What’s your reading ritual, and where do you like to read?
A quiet corner, a comfortable recliner and a hot coffee does the trick for me.

6. What’s on your reading list while you’re on the road?
I’m heading to Australia soon, and I’ve got my reading list ready. I’ve just started Game of Thrones, so either I’ll still be reading that (it’s a big book!) or I’ll have moved on to the second. I have a new Norse history book waiting to go. And I’ll be reading my own Nadia Stafford books, which will seem very weird, but I’m gearing up to write a third and it’s been a few years since I wrote the second one, so I need a refresher.

7. Where do you draw your best inspiration from? (Music, movies, or other books?)
Everywhere! As a writer, I’m inspired by everything around me. It’s all fodder for my imagination.

Kelley Armstrong’s latest book in the Otherworld series, Spell Bound, is now available at Kobo.