Different types of readers

Before we jump into it - this was more difficult than you’d think, but we’re bold enough to do it (thank you to the Culture folks at The Atlantic for the inspiration and diagnostics addendum).

To all booklovers out there: this list definitely isn’t definitive. There is as much variety in readership as there are books in the Kobo store. Where do you fit?

The One-At-A-Timer

The literal definition of “by the book”. You have an old school respect for reading. You put presence and focus into one page, chapter, and book at a time. Not finishing a book because of another makes you feel anxious and terrible. You’re not a quick reader, or at least you don’t try to be. You keep your pace, because there is no race.

Suggested reads:


Brother by David Chariandy


We Need to Talk by Celeste Headlee (audiobook)

The Self-Helper

If the book doesn’t have a purpose, it’s worthless! And when you’re not reading, you’re watching documentaries and short films. Your curiosity for knowledge is so great and your coldness towards fiction so deep, that you might even read a historical text before you pick up a fantasy novel. Point blank, you read to know.

Suggested reads:


A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle


The Arguments For Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now by Jaron Lanier

The Hopeless Romantic

There is no literature without love for you, eh? You like a good sad story and a good love story - but you really love a good-sad-love story. You’re a sap and it’s okay. Get out the tissues and be strong.

Suggested reads:


Guilty as Sin by Meghan March (audiobook)


The Pisces by Melissa Border (audiobook)

The Dibble Dabbler

You aren’t exactly faithful to a genre, and you favour no authors. You might pick one up and run your eyes over a few glowing chapters, only to be enticed by another book the same day. Why should you have to choose one? A bit here and a bit there won’t hurt anyone. Variety is the spice of life, right?

Suggested reads:


How to be Drawn by Terrance Hayes


Sexographies by Gabriela Wiener

The Bedtime Booker

For you, books are part of relaxation and winding down. A good read allows you to disengage from the insanities of the day. You read until you give into the white space between the lines and drift asleep. Your books keep you warm and tuck you in at night.

Suggested reads:


The Mars Room by Rachel Kushner (audiobook) 


Hippie by Paul Coelho

The Serial Book Binger

You’ll fly through a book series as if it’s a Netflix season. Once you find one, the only things that stop you from reading are work and other pesky daily responsibilities. You love sagas, demand to grow with your characters, and enjoy whatever crazy twists might exist to further the plot. You binge until you’re done and then binge again - a never-ending cycle.

Suggested reads:


The Cartel Series by Ashley & JaQuavius


Earthseed by Octavia Butler (audiobook)

The Bookmarker

You don’t necessarily read for sport, but when you do read you’re in a crazy competition with yourself. How many pages can you run through this time? How many hours can you crunch? Clock in; clock out.

Suggested reads:

It doesn’t really matter. You’ll read anything.


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