Julian Brass truly believes that everything happens for a reason. He works tirelessly to inspire and motivate people to design the life they want. He’s an entrepreneur (founder of Notable.ca, a site dedicated to young professionals looking for the next big thing), a life and business coach, investor, yoga instructor, and in his spare time—if you can believe he has any!—he is writing his first book.

His belief?

You deserve love. You deserve money. You deserve happiness. You deserve success. You deserve health. You deserve fulfillment. You deserve opportunity. You deserve growth. You deserve travel. You deserve relationships. You deserve the Notable Life.

How do you achieve all this?

“Finding your Notable Life is about defining it. This takes work, self-reflection, self-discipline, and most of all, self-LOVE. My Clarity Formula, which brings together mindfulness, gratitude, defining your value system, equilibrium, and alignment, and 5 Tenets to Living a Notable Life have helped hundreds uncover their unique, personal version of their own. My purpose is to continue to help guide people all over the world in this worthwhile pursuit,” says Julian.

Books are central to Julian’s aspiration of learning about himself, others, and the world around us. Here are a just few that have helped forge his life of success and happiness.

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma

The Monk Who Solid His Ferrari

I first read this in 2011 when I was in the thick of building Notable.ca. I remember travelling across Canada non-stop, on a shoestring budget (I could hardly afford the flight), reading this book. This book puts things into perspective. It really made me think about what I wanted my life to stand for and represent. It deepened my spiritual practice and mindfulness.

A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles by Helen Schucman

Literally pick any page in this book and you will be moved—It’s crazy! It’s teeming with lessons, ideas, and breakthroughs that debunk how so many of us have accidently programmed our minds. Although rooted in Christianity, as the author says, it’s meant for anyone open and willing to the process of learning about the miracles contained within the book, and within ourselves (I added this last part). One page may warrant stopping, thinking, and starting again, but it’s the type of book where it’s really about the journey—not the destination. No need to rush this one.

Ben-Gurion by Shimon Peres


Learning about the selfless, can’t-be-held-back visionary and leader Ben-Gurion was incredibly inspiring. This is a book that takes the reader through the life of this “super-man,” while at the same time offering an unparalleled opportunity for self-reflection. I couldn’t help but think, “If he could do all of that, I can too. We are both humans.” Ben-Gurion dedicated his life to fighting for the Jewish Homeland, recognizing the needs of Jews considering the anti-Semitism they have been facing for centuries. It is important for Jews to have a safe country they can call home. His resilience and passion truly spoke to me.

The Power of One

The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay

This book literally helped shape the person I am today. In my teenage years, I wasn’t what you would call an “academic”—I was far too busy finding unique ways to make money. That’s how I got into the event planning business and hosted my first event in downtown Toronto at 14 years old (a story for another time). I think I first picked up The Power of One at age 14 and didn’t actually finish it until I was 17, but when I got into it… wow. Everything changed. The title says it all and it will truly empower you.


Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda

Full disclosure: I’ve watched the documentary on Netflix three times and am currently in the middle of this book, so I can’t truly say it’s my favourite, but I will say that as a yogi, I’m truly humbled and grateful for Yogananda. He popularized yoga and brought it to the Western world—a gift for which I will be forever deeply grateful. It’s an incredible true story about one human’s spiritual, political, and selfless journey. I highly recommend it for yoga enthusiasts and non-yogis alike. Namaste!

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