What does the future hold for kids and eReading? 


The children’s eBook market is a new, unknown, and untested world with a very bright future. In fact, Kobo’s sales in kids’ books have grown 10 times since 2010, and we are forecasting strong, continued growth.  


With all of the unknowns about this untested world, Kobo conducted research to find out just what the future of children’s eBooks really looks like.


Michael Tamblyn, Kobo’s Chief Content Officer, is in London, UK for the London Book Fair today to talk about our findings during a presentation titled, E-reading the future of kids’ books—and baby, it looks bright. And colourful. 


Michael will discuss how the advent of tablets and smartphones as devices for reading brings a host of opportunities for interactivity and enhanced content that can really capture the imagination of our youngest readers. Michael will also cover how these new mediums are shaping Kobo’s push into children’s literature, as it relates to our research findings.  


The results of our research have been summarized in a whitepaper titled, The Children’s Digital Book Market – Kobo White Paper Spring 2013 which is now available for download.