Our exchange rate ticker reads 1 CAD = 0.9993 USD this morning. With a little rounding, that looks like the Canadian and US dollars are at par to me; and we are celebrating with eBook deals for Canadians!

Through economic meltdown, bank bailouts, and rising and falling oil prices, the Loonie has been chasing greenback, clawing its way from the $0.76 doldrums of early ‘09, nipping at its $0.95 heels through the Fall and Winter, and now within mere hundredths of a cent of the magic $1CAD=$1USD. Americans may not make much of this — such is life for the world’s preferred currency. But for Canadians, there is a lot of psychology tied up in dollar parity. A victory of sorts. A vindication. And lots of cross-border deal-hunting!

But why leave home? To celebrate our powerful, colourful currency, we are offering $9.99 Globe and Mail bestsellers*. This may not last long — the tides of foreign exchange are sudden and mysterious, we may see more publishers take up agency price-setting, so get in while the getting’s good.

* Where publishers allow. Publishers working with us through agency agreements set their own prices directly.