Changes to your iPad/iPhone App Experience

Earlier today Apple instituted new rules which affect your experience on iPhone and iPad apps. The biggest change is inability to shop within our app.

Here’s what this means for Kobo users:

• Your books are safe! You can continue to use the Kobo app to read them, explore Reading Life, and enjoy all the other fun and engaging reading features from Kobo you’re familiar with.
• With this change, iOS users wishing to access their Kobo account, browse the Kobo Store, and purchase books will now need to go to
• You can still browse Kobo’s selection of 2.4 million eBooks, shop and access your account! Go to using the Safari browser (or your favourite web browser) on your iPhone or iPad. Be sure to bookmark the store for future visits!

We value the opinion of our customers. Please share your feedback on this latest change on our blog so that we may share with Apple or share directly with Apple at

This change does not affect Kobo’s other eReading apps for Blackberry, WebOS and PC devices, all of which retain the integrated eReading and in-app Kobo Store access.

Kobo continues to deliver the best reading experience on the iPad and iPhone. Look for new and exciting features in upcoming releases!