Update (June 26, 2012): Kobo Instant Reader now available for Internet Explorer and FireFox users!

Hey iPad, Chrome and Safari users! Have you checked out the Kobo Instant Reader™? The Kobo Instant Reader gives you a way to buy books and read them within your browsing environment. Syncing your eBooks seamlessly across all of your devices and apps, the Kobo Instant Reader also bookmarks the last page you read. The best part? Even if you lose your Internet connection, you can keep reading offline.

Here’s a great post from Michael from the Good e-Reader giving readers a tour of the Kobo Instant Reader.

Try it today – true to Kobo form it’s free – and one more way we’re helping you to read the way you want to, anywhere and any place. Internet Explorer and FireFox versions are coming soon.

Let us know what you think in the comments section! We’ll work to incorporate your feedback into the next versions of the Kobo Instant Reader.