Move over Stephanie Meyer!

In just one day, Dan Brown’s new book, The Lost Symbol, sold more eBook copies than the last one and a half months of Stephanie Meyer’s hit Twilight series.  On Shortcovers, customers can buy eBooks to read on any device – popular eReaders like the Sony Reader, popular smartphones like the iPhone, and their laptops, netbooks, macs and pcs.

The Lost Symbol eBook went on sale yesterday at 3.01AM EST.  If you pre-ordered it like me, you woke up in the morning, grabbed your mobile device – and it was just there – at the top of your reading list, ready to go.  Some Dan Brown fans were already reading it at 3.02 AM EST, and twitter traffic (#lostsymbol, #shortcovers) was buzzing throughout the day.

This will easily be the biggest eBook of the year, and perhaps the biggest eBook so far.  Everyone who has been watching the eBook space (publishers, retailers, device manufacturers…) will no doubt be using Dan Brown as a proxy for what eBooks will do to physical book sales, and how to size the overall opportunity.  While still nascent, eBooks are for real & their growth will be closely watched over this upcoming fall & holiday season.

Here are some stats after Day 1 of the Lost Symbol:

  • Pre-orders became available at 3.01AM EST.  The first customer bought it minutes later
  • Most purchases were made on the web.  Mobile purchases by platform: 37% iPhone, 31% Palm Pre, 29% Blackberry, 3% Android.  Web sales were driven by our brand new feature (Adobe/ePub) enabling a customer to buy an eBook with us and download it to their desktop, eReader or smartphone.
  • Yesterday beat our biggest sales day by almost 2X, and the same day last week by 3X.
  • We sold more Lost Symbol yesterday than the last 1.8 months of selling the Twilight Series – our number one “category” to date
  • I am on Chapter 18 myself, reading it across my iPhone, Blackberry and MacBook Pro Seriously.  I can’t wait to go to Washington, D.C.   For now, I am going to focus on finishing it today!