Did you know about the new Go To feature on the 1.9 Kobo firmware upgrade for Kobo Wifi?

The new firmware 1.9 upgrade for the Kobo Wifi eReader offers many new and exciting features which improve Kobo reading experience. One of the new features is Go To function.
The Go To function allows the Kobo users to go to a specific page number within a chapter of the ebook which they are currently reading. As well Go To feature allows the reader to go to a specific chapter within the book which they are reading without having to scroll through the table of contents.

To use GO TO Page/Chapter function follow these steps:

1. Select MENU

2. Using the directional pad scroll down to GO TO and select it

3. A GO TO selection box will appear right in the middle of your book

4. Select SKIP PAGES or SKIP CHAPTERS feature on the top of the selection box by using the directional pad

5. Using the directional pad select the page or chapter number to which you wish advance to

6. The selected page or chapter number will appear at the bottom of the selection box

7. Select GO and you will be taken to the desired page or a chapter

8. If you wish to exit Go To function press BACK to exit.