One of the great things about the Kobo eReader is its long battery life. When effectively managed battery on your Kobo eReader can last up to two weeks. Here are some tips on how to better manage your battery life.

Charging your battery:

The Kobo eReader can be charged using a USB cord, which is included with your Kobo eReader. The USB cord easily fits in to any USB port in any laptop or a desktop computer. It takes up to three hours to fully charge your Kobo eReader.

How to know when your battery is low:

There are two indicators which can tell you the current status of your battery; battery status icon which can be found by pressing the MENU button. The indicator will appear accordingly full/half full/and nearly empty at the bottom right hand side of the MENU.

Second is the light indicator which will turn red when the battery is nearing empty. The light indicator will appear red when user will be switching between libraries or settings. When battery is fully charged the light indicator will appear blue.

How to maximize your battery life on your Kobo Wifi eReader:

Turn off your Wifi:
1. Go to MENU

2. Using the directional pad go to SETTINGS

3. Select WIRELESS


Turn off your auto update:
1. Go to MENU

2. Using the directional pad go to SETTINGS

3. Select GENERAL


5. In DOWNLOAD DAILY select NO and press APPLY

Fully POWER OFF your eReader when not using it rather than leaving it in SLEEP MODE. (This tip is useful for the Original Kobo eReader as well)
Kobo eReader battery drainage is also dependent on how many books your are syncing at one time, the more books synced at one time, the greater is the battery drainage.
If and when the battery will die while reading, the screen will remain on that page. It will appear that the eReader is frozen but it simply needs to be recharged.