The Kobo app for iOS devices includes two fantastic features; dictionary lookup and annotations, which engage readers and really enhance the reading experience.


With the dictionary feature in the Kobo app you can easily look up the definitions of words in the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary, as well as additional information from Google and Wikipedia, all without leaving the app.

How to use the Dictionary function:

1. Long press and hold on the word which you wish to look up.

2. A horizontal options menu will appear – select “Dictionary”.

3. The app will display definitions found in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, as well as the top results from Google and Wikipedia.

4. By tapping the Google section you can navigate the entire list of search results. Tapping the Wikipedia section will display the selected Wikipedia entry.

5. By selecting “Open in Safari” you can view these pages in the full Safari browser. Navigating to any linked pages will also open Safari.

Please Note: The dictionary function will not work with PDF files. The dictionary functions in the Kobo applications for iOS and Android work with ePUB books, as well as with newspaper and magazine subscriptions purchased via


You can annotate your books quickly and easily by using the app’s highlighting and note functions to mark memorable passages and add comments.

How to use the Annotations function:

1. Long press and hold on a word which you’d like to include in your highlight or note. Tap and drag the blue handles that appear if you would like to expand your selection.

2. The horizontal options menu will appear – select “Highlight”.

3. The selected passage will appear highlighted in light blue.

4. To make notes on the highlighted passage simply tap on it.

5. The horizontal options menu will appear – select “Add a Note”.

6. A text field will appear where you can enter your notes and comments.

7. When you’ve finished writing your note tap “Save” to add it to the highlighted passage.

8. To view your note tap on the note icon found in the margin beside the highlighted passage.

9. By tapping on the note icon you can also edit or delete the note, or share it on Facebook or by email.

Please Note: Annotations can only be made in ePUB books – you cannot make annotations in Newspapers, Magazines, or PDF files. Currently, annotations do not sync with your account and can only be viewed on the device where they originated. Signing out of your Kobo account on your app will cause all of your annotations to be deleted. However, you can share your annotations via Facebook or via email.