Today, in Bussum, Netherlands, our Managing Director of EMEA, Jean-Marc Dupuis, kicked off the eReading and Tablet Event with a keynote address to more than 300 publishers, library representatives, booksellers, and content aggregators.

Jean-Marc shared insights about the history and future of the E Ink and tablet markets -  concluding that there is room for both devices in the thriving eReading landscape. Jean-Marc also revealed that 90% of Kobo’s Dutch customers are avid readers - reading every week, if not every day

Also speaking today was, Arco van den Berg of Tabula Nova, a reseller of Kobo-owned Aquafadas solutions.  Arco showcased the simplicity of creating rich- media apps and EPUB files using Aquafadas publishing software.

Thanks to the eReading and Tablet Event team for organizing such a fantastic and informative few days with global industry leaders.

Proost, to the Netherlands!