An ode to the good doctor on his 111th birthday



Today marks the birth of a legend of rhymes,

A writing man, maybe the best of all times

With a pen that could turn written words into smiles

We celebrate Seuss and his signature styles


We asked our Facebook followers to tell us why they love Seuss, and here’s what they had to say:


  1. “You can quote them in almost any situation and people will finish it with a laugh” – Connie
  2.  “I love his books, a lot, a lot! Stop reading them now that I'm older? I will NOT!!!” – Jen
  3. “His characters and the wonderful way he had of rhyming” – Kim
  4.  “I would not, could not, tell a lie. I will like them until I die.” – Mags
  5. “Thanks to discovering books as a kid-- I like to read books in a box, I like to read them wearing socks. I like to read books here or there, I love to read them anywhere!” – Julie
  6. “New Dr. Seuss book discovered at his La Jolla, California home to be published soon!” – Lorette
  7. “Dr. Seuss turns 101. Oh those books are so much fun. I read those books to my kids, I did! They loved them each and every one, listened until it was completely done.” – Paula
  8. “Green Eggs & Ham was the first book I read.” – Shauna
  9. “Because Sam I Am!” – Samantha
  10. “His fun words instill the joy of reading in children...” – Wendy
  11. “He wrote books kids couldread, or memorize before they had all their reading skills. His rhymes were predictable, but his characters weren't. He could be funny and silly and still teach us life lessons. He had a really cool name.” – Ann
  12. “I love his made-up words that inspired creativity in the reader. Even still my grown-up kids make up words just for fun.” – Kate
  13. “No matter how old you are you still love reading his books.” – Suzanne
  14. “I loved reading Dr Seuss when I was young, and my children loved reading Dr Seuss with me. We shared lots of giggles while trying to keep a straight face while reading his uniquely funny words” – Zelda
  15. “Because he made it easy for even the most serious of adults to be silly!” – Audrey
  16. “His books taught me to read in English” – Kelly
  17. “The stories always have a teaching moment for children.” – Karen
  18. “I learned to love reading at a very young age because of Dr. Seuss!” – Maureen
  19. “Reading Dr. Seuss makes me Happy and watching and hearing my grandchildren quote him brings me great joy! happy birthday Dr. Seuss” – Karon-Ann
  20. “He makes me feel so loose!” – Jane

  21. “My fondest memories are cuddling with my child reading Dr. Seuss. He always loved them” – Tanya
  22. “He touches on so many important values: acceptance of people regardless of backgrounds (Horton Hears a Who)” – Courtnay
  23. “Protecting the environment (The Lorax)” – Courtnay
  24. “Self acceptance/esteem (Oh The Place's You'll Go)” – Courtnay
  25. “He taught people that being different is good (Sneetches)” – Courtnay

  26. “Not to be greedy (The Grinch)” – Courtnay
  27. “No one is better than anyone else (Yurtle the Turtle—which also teaches government structure)” – Courtnay
  28. “To try new things (Green Eggs and Ham)” – Courtnay
  29. “I'm a teacher and get back to school on Dr. Seuss' birthday. We're reading a Dr. Seuss book (it's a Kindergarten class) and doing a special activity!” – Ulla
  30. “They encourage kids to read! My grade one classes used to love reading/hearing his books.” – Barb  
  31. “How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Says it all” – Nicole
  32. “He keeps the funny in life!” – Colleen
  33. “His unique vocabulary” – Emily
  34. “I love the books I loved them when my kids were small now I get to enjoy them with my grand children.” – Sharon
  35. “You taught my two children to read and will now teach my grandson. Thank you.” – Bernadette
  36. “Happy birthday and thank you for the fun and wonderful books. I enjoyed them as a child.” – Debbie
  37. “Because it's my birthday today, too!! Woo,hoo-hoo!” – Corrie
  38. “Not only did I learn to read because of Dr.Seuss, I got to teach my son to read the same books. And he loves them just as much as I did. And for every wonderful occasion, a gift of "Oh the places you'll go" always makes it special.” – Terri-Ann
  39. “We were in the local public library and my girl said she didn't want to read anymore... All books in class were boring. Only thing she wanted was a gigantic book about history. Somehow triggered that my response: reading is not boring when you are reading the right books. So we went to ask the librarian for advice... She quickly came up with the cat with the hat. And even before we went home the book was finished and my girly (6) was laughing out loud AND several other books also slipped into my bag. Thank you Dr. Seuss” – Saskia
  40. “He's funny!” – Maria

  41. “Imagination is a child's best friend. So thank you Dr Seuss thank you thank you”
  42. “My brother had learning disabilities and had a hard time learning to read. A doctor suggested to my Mom that these books might help. We all benefited from Dr. Seuss when I was growing up and so did my children love them.” – Sandra
  44. “The animations are one of a kind!” – Ben

"As a child I learned to read

By listening to mom try to speak

The fun rhymes that were his creed

But my mother's attempts were quite bleak


As a mom who loves theses rhymes

Each day my children would love

Those reading and laughing times

From the dedicated man we honour above


As our guests would love to say night night

We would ask if they wanted to read a story

To the young ones who would fight

And pick the Dr. Suess' book with delight


Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss - you have inspired readers young and old

With your stories and tongue twisting gold

Know that your thoughts were more than fun

They developed multiple generations to run

To that favorite book of old

And those stories so lovingly spun!” - Adrianna  


What do you say Seuss lovers? Is there anything we missed? Help us get to 111 by leaving your comments in the section below!