Books take us on great escapes to far away lands, tell cliff-hanging tales that get our hearts racing, introduce us to our next great romance, and discuss ideas that shape the world around us. Reading is powerful.


Since our inception we have pushed the boundaries of digital reading, empowering passionate booklovers around the globe to read more, read anywhere, and read easy—on any device they choose. And as Kobo continues to innovate and grow, so too does our appearance.


We have been a proud part of the Rakuten family since 2012, and you may have recently noticed that we have a fresh new look and logo. The Rakuten Group of companies’ philosophy calls for the empowerment of individuals and society through online services that ensure a high standard of satisfaction for customers.


What does this mean? It’s business as usual, and with the support of our parent company, Rakuten Kobo remains passionate about providing the best eReading experience for those who put reading at the centre of their lives. We will continue to build on the digital reading service that you have come to know and love so that you can read the way you want.


We wish you happy reading!