Jeannette Walls is back to capture Readers with an intense summer page-turner. Many readers know Jeannette Walls for her 2005 book, The Glass Castle that remained on the New York Times Best-Seller list for more than 100 weeks and which Time Magazine dubbed “Extraordinary.”

Jeannette’s journey to becoming an author began when she spotted her mom bobbing head first into a dumpster as she was on her way to an event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The stark difference between their lives – one a member of New York’s glittery media versus a dumpster-diving itinerant – led Jeannette to write her first book, The Glass Castle.  The Glass Castle described her life as the child of two extremely eccentric people who rejected such banalities as having jobs or paying rent. The family was often forced to “do the skedaddle” as her dad called it, taking midnight flight from a home before the bailiffs could arrive, moving to another town and another set of improbable circumstances.

The Silver Star is her latest book, and no one will be surprised that it’s about two young girls with a feckless mother – who abandons them, thrusting them into a world far too grown up for them. 

“You write about what you know and I do know about irresponsible parents,” says Jeannette.  “I borrowed a lot from things I have experienced and situations I was familiar with.”

She placed her story in Virginia in 1970, a time when the area was grappling with integration. As the girls face issues of choosing between right and wrong, so is the area where they find themselves living. True to Jeannette’s honest viewpoint, this book will leave you an understanding that truth is not always pure and simple. 

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