February isn’t called the “blah” month for nothing. It’s grey. It’s cold and there is a lot more of the same to come before spring. Luckily for us, Gretchen Rubin came to Kobo for a visit.

Gretchen is something of a happiness expert and the author of two wonderful books on the pursuit of the same: She published The Happiness Project in 2010, a compendium of her year-long (and now life-long) project of having a happier life; she came to Kobo to talk with us about her new book, Happier at Home, which examines just that.

Like The Happiness Project before it, Happier at Home takes a one-month-at-a-time approach to removing the stress and adding the joy into life.

It started while she was standing in her own kitchen and was suddenly bowled over by a sense of homesickness. Weird, right? Homesick while actually at home? But she thought about it and realized we have a lot of expectations for our “home”; we yearn for the comfy cozy wonderful of what “home” means, and don’t always actually create one for ourselves.
In Happier at Home, she focus on the elements of happiness that come together at home, such as possessions, time, body, marriage, parenthood, neighborhood. But like The Happiness Project, it breaks things down into simple, easy-to-do tasks and ideas.

“We made a resolution as a family to always say a big hello and goodbye,” said Gretchen. She’d noticed that she, her husband and two daughters had fallen into a habit of barely acknowledging one another, or grunting a hello. “I didn’t like that,” she said and pointed out that we’re often the most dismissive of those we love most. So they changed that. They acknowledge how happy they are to see one another.

She had way more to say on the secrets to happiness — Gretchen was in conversation with Erica Ehm  of the Yummy Mummy Club, check out what they had to say here and check out our video below: