Because we love reading as much as you do, we’re constantly making improvements to enhance the way you explore, discover and read with Kobo. From search improvements to even better suited personalized recommendations, we’ve put together a list of new features that will transform your reading life.

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Find word count, number of reading hours, keywords and more


Curious how long it’ll take you to zip through the newest Connelly thriller? Want to know the word count in the Franzen epic you just finished? This information and more is now available on for most top titles. See the predicted reading time of our most popular eBooks, along with the number of pages and total words, to help you figure out how long it'll take to finish the book. Explore common tags from a book you love, allowing you to find new books with similar themes, plus plenty of other great info.

Your very own personal recommendations page


Did you know there is a personal recommendations page created just for you? We have developed one of the most sophisticated recommendation engines around to help you find your next great read and now they can be found in one place on your very own personal page on the Kobo eBookstore. Just sign into your Kobo account to view it under “eBooks” in the dropdown menu of the Kobo homepage. Check back often: your recommendations get even better the more you preview, read, rate and review.

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Search Top 50 eBooks by category


Keep track of the top selling titles in our most popular categories as they change in real time with our Top 50 carousel. All the lists are updated regularly based solely on what's hot and selling in the Kobo eBookstore in a variety of categories—giving you an inside look at the books that are really buzzing.

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Use the “long press” shortcut on your Kobo eReader or Kobo App for additional functionality


You probably already know that you can access Kobo’s built-in dictionary by touching and holding your finger on a word. What you may not know is that there are scores of other nifty shortcuts you can access with this long press command on your eReader or app.

Some examples are:

  • While reading, use long press on a word to open the dictionary and access highlighting, note taking and sharing functions
  • In Your Library, you can long press on a book title to mark it as read, unread, or to add it to a collection

*Long pressing functionality may differ depending on App platform or eReader

Search for eBooks, eReaders, and more by category


We’ve made searching easier in the Kobo eBookstore so you can quickly find just about anything! Search by categories such as 'free eBooks,' 'romance' and 'mystery' or by subcategory. Looking for an eReader or accessory? Use the same search bar to find it. Use it for accessing “My Library” or “My Account” too! No matter what you’re looking for, the search bar is designed to help make your reading life easier.

Visit the Deals Page for big savings


Looking for the best deals on eBooks? Visit the Kobo Deals Page to find our Daily Deal, cheap reads, recently reduced bestsellers and more—designed to keep your wallet and your library full.

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