Hi, I’m Alex. Welcome to my crib.

I recently moved out of my parents’ backsplit in the suburbs for bigger and better things in the Big Smoke. Or rather, for a 600 sq. ft. apartment in the city’s west end that I share with my boyfriend. Better? Yes. Bigger? No.

In case anyone is wondering what 600 sq. ft. looks like

The move to a smaller space didn’t seem too daunting to me—I thought I had everything figured out. I’d just choose the books I couldn’t live without, and I’d leave all my winter clothes at my parents’ house until I needed them. Easy enough, right? Wrong. So, so wrong. The books ended up filling a few boxes on their own, and I actually get cold quite easily, so I did end up packing some big sweaters. I still convinced myself this would be totally fine, but what I didn’t take into consideration was his stuff. Boys don’t have a lot of stuff, right? Again, so wrong.

The top shelf of my bookshelf. Organizational method: make the books look pretty together

We’re both avid readers, and I collect books—think Elijah Wood in the movie adaptation of JS Foer’s Everything is Illuminated except with fewer Ziplock bags. If a book is beautiful, even if I will never read it, I will buy it. My shelf needs it! I have learned to donate or give away books that I know I won’t read again (or aren’t pretty enough to make the cut), but our reading habits still result in a lot of books, so I use some favourites as decoration. If there is an available surface, there will be a book on it.

IMG_2622 (1)
My desk is home to some of my favourite hardcovers.

Aside from using all surfaces as bookshelves, what really helps keep us from getting lost under a pile of books is this handy little gadget called an eReader. Ever heard of it? They key is knowing which books to read in print, and which to read electronically. I read most of my literary fiction in print because I like people to know how smart I am (😜) and like to be able to flip back and forth. I also write in my margins a la Jess Mariano.


I read quite a lot of horror and fantasy novels as well, which tend to be pretty lengthy—keeping them on my Kobo is the perfect way to read 800 page books without cramping my hand. I also read all series on my Kobo, because I can’t find space for 3+ books every time Sarah J Maas creates a new storyline, AND it’s so easy to pick up the next one on my device once I’m finished.

Aside from genre fiction, I also read books that I’m not completely sold on in eBook format. Then if I end up loving them, I’ll buy the print version as well. Right now I’m reading The Girls by Emma Cline on a recommendation by a friend on my Kobo. If I love it, I’ll let you know. And so will my bookshelf.