Lights, camera, action; the Kobo eReader meets the press in Toronto.

What do you get when you unveil the Kobo eReader in front of members of the media? We found that out last week in Toronto: it’s a mix of excitement, a dash of intrigue and a whole lot of great comments about the splash the device is ready to make this coming May.

The prestigious Spoke Club was the backdrop to a great night charged with anticipation. Kobo CEO Michael Serbinis and Indigo CEO Heather Reisman were on hand to discuss Kobo and the exciting developments in the eReader market.

Indigo CEO Heather Reisman and Kobo CEO Michael Serbinis

Heather Reisman set the stage, discussing the impact of eBooks on the physical book world. “Books and the reading experience will always be at the heart and soul” she said, adding “customers want choice in how and where they read, and this new device provides a great option as a dedicated, easy to use eReader.” Heather continued to provide insights on the future of eReading, the eBook market and why she hired a rocket scientist.

Enter Michael Serbinis, real-life rocket scientist.

“2010 is the year of the eBook and it’s taking off like a rocket ship” he stated, noting that “in the U.S., wholesale eBook sales for January, 2010 were up a whopping 261 per cent from the same month a year earlier.”

Intrigued by this new world, the media were ready to be introduced to this new device, envisioned to welcome everyone into the eReading world. The the guest of honour made its appearance. Sleek, stylized and dressed for the occasion the Kobo eReader was an instant hit with the crowd.

Kobo eReader

With the arrival of the star, the media were eager to get their hands on the device. With Kobo staff on hand they were able to get a demonstration on all the features and the device’s ease of use.

The Kobo eReader, available now for pre-sales, debuts to the public on Indigo store shelves the first week of May. Given the $149.00 price point, with 100 pre-loaded books, it’s an affordable option for anyone wanting a dedicated eReading device. And would make a great Mother’s Day gift (shameless plug).

The Kobo eReader was a hit, and the reviews are coming in:

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