Is there anything better than being in a pub with a buddy and setting the world to rights over a pint?

We don’t think so.  Neither does Roddy Doyle.

The prolific Irish writer, author of more than 10 novels including The Commitments (for those of you who like books-to-movies), dropped by our Toronto office on his most recent tour to promote his latest work, Two Pints.

Roddy let us know that Two Pints didn’t start out as a book – it began as Roddy’s attempt to figure out “this Facebook thing” and was research for another project. He asked his kids for help and could quickly see that explaining Facebook to their old man was no fun at all. So, he started experimenting with his own Facebook page.

At the time there was a lot of news in Ireland – President Obama had just visited the country, then the Queen came for a visit, and to make things more exciting, there was a lot of Euro-crashing and superstar-dying (Whitney, Amy Winehouse). Roddy says he began his foray into Facebook by creating posts as though it were a conversation in a pub about these momentous world events, each post being 200 words or less.

The result was so popular he was asked to turn it into a book, and that book is  the aptly named Two Pints, an imaginary dialogue between two blokes who meet every evening or so for a pint at the pub.

The book is touching as well as hilarious. He’s pretty funny to talk to as well – see what we mean in this video of the conversation he and publicist and columnist Becky Toyne had over a couple of pints.