Introducing your Reading Report Email! Starting today, Kobo is happy to provide readers with a new and exciting way to connect with eReading. Kobo’s Reading Report presents your personalized reading stats (similar to how you may see them on your eReader or Kobo App) and delivers them directly to your inbox.

On top of this, the Reading Report allows you to see what other readers like you are reading and what new titles may be of interest to you.  Finally, and maybe most importantly, it allows us to share some fun information about how readers like you all over the world are enjoying their reading lives;

Here’s a few to get us started;



In the future we’ll be asking you more about your favorite titles, your eReading preferences and what you’d like to see to help you get the most out of your reading time. Check back here often for more fun facts—we’re learning all the time and can’t wait to share with you.