Author Samantha Shannon is just 21, barely out of school, and already she’s being compared to JK Rowling for her debut novel, The Bone Season.

Shannon signed a six-figure deal with publishing powerhouse Bloomsbury, Rowling’s publisher, and like Rowling she has plotted out her story over seven books. Bloomsbury is pitching The Bone Season as the beginning of a blockbuster franchise to rival The Hunger Games or, for that matter, Harry Potter himself. 

The Bone Season is set in 2059 and follows the secret life of Paige Mahoney, 19, whose special skill is the ability to read minds - a skill she uses to help a criminal network. The thing is, such intrusion is treasonous and Paige soon finds herself kidnapped, imprisoned and at the mercy of Warden, her keeper. If she wants to regain her freedom, she has to learn to use him carefully.

It’s a gripping story that has already garnered glowing reviews. We want you to be the judge – check out this free sneak preview which you can download. If you want to enter Paige's world you can purchase the book here

Kobo had the chance to catch up with Shannon at Book Expo America earlier this summer where she kindly agreed to a Twitter chat with her fans. We learned how she balanced writing while being a student, what’s next, , her favourite literary characters, her style of writing and her inspiration for fantasy writing. Shannon believes that fantasy gives the author freedom. Check out a few of the posts below:

We can’t wait to find out what freedom looks like – The Bone Season is on our “must read” list!