The Kobo team is currently at Book Expo America in New York and we are excited to announce Kobo Writing Life, an easy-to-use, data driven, self-publishing portal for independent authors and publishers.  Kobo developed Kobo Writing Life—engaging with authors to create a tool to meet and exceed their needs!

Kobo Writing Life offers key reader insights and marketing tools to engage with fans on a global scale. And continuing our dedication to open standards, Kobo Writing Life uses ePub files, giving readers more flexibility to choose what computer, smartphone or eReading device they want to read the self-published titles.

At no cost to the author, Kobo Writing Life titles are published easily using a revolutionary self-service portal in minutes. The platform is designed to put the power of all aspects of publishing – from price setting to advertising to marketing – in the hands of the writers helping them to maximize sales.

Kobo Writing Life is in Beta, and will be available in English at the end of June, with new language and country-specific support added in the coming year. To sign up for Kobo Writing Life and check out the tutorial videos and FAQ head to the Writing Life page on

Kobo Writing Life - Create a Book

Kobo Writing Life - Sales at a Glance