We’re thrilled that the Kobo Arc has joined the Kobo Mini and Kobo Glo in receiving the Parent Tested Parent Approved™ (PTPA) seal of approval. The Arc was put to the test by busy parents and families from across North America and received a nearly perfect score—196 out of a possible 200 points. The multimedia tablet was praised for its colour display, speed, and ease-of-use for even the youngest of family members.

Here’s what PTPA Parent Testers had to say about the Kobo Arc:

BEAUTIFUL! The screen resolution is dynamite. So sharp and the colors so bright and clear. Even my 10 year old commented on this! I was really impressed. I have had several people ask me about it.”

“This product is extremely user friendly. The set up was "easy as pie" and done in just a few minutes. Even my 5 year old was able to download and start playing without any help from myself or his siblings.”

“Yes I would definitely recommend it. Love the tapestries and discovery features. I originally wanted it for reading but found that I enjoy browsing just as much. Once you figure out how the features work, it's actually easy.”

We’re ecstatic that our entire Family of eReaders has been put through the test, and are loved by parents and their busy families!