This year Kobo was selected as one of the top and most sought after gifts given out to the teen celebrities at this year’s Teen Choice Awards!

The “Teen Choice Awards” is a teen awards show presented annually. 2011 Teen Choice Awards honoured teen celebs from this year’s biggest and hottest moves, TV shows, fashion and sports, who were in attendance to receive their awards, as voted by teens aged 13-19.

As a part of the night celebrations at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards Celebrity Retreat, each teen celebrity received a Kobo eReader Touch Edition as a part of their exclusive gift package.

Take a look at which celebrities were sporting a Kobo eReader Touch Edition and what they had to say about it.

Malese Jow – “Vampire Diaries” – “This is perfect for travel!”

DJ – Black Eyed Peas – “This is awesome. I need this.”

Zack Filkins – One Republic – “This is great. I feel like I just got smarter.”

Fancia Raisa – “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” – “This is perfect. I read a lot. I’ll use it all the time.”

Lucas Neff – “Raising Hope” – “This is great. I’m a big reader.”

Tyra Banks – “This is great. Hopefully my new book will be on it?”

Nikki Reed – “Twilight Saga” – “This is actually worth this whole thing.”

Keegan Allen – “Pretty Little Liars” – I’m infatuated with the black one.”