Today, Kobo begins to bring its social reading vision to life.

Just moments ago, we were on stage at BlackBerry DEVCON, RIM’s developer conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco where we unveiled an industry-first social eReading experience.


Kobo CTO Dan Leibu


Kobo will be the first eReading service integrating BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) into its app – making eReading social, and real-time! This will also make eReading with Kobo a ton of fun! Below is a video of our app, which will be generally available early next year. Shop with a friend, read with a group, exchange passages, and discuss the book in real-time. I’m really excited about this.


Also, watch for Kobo in RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook reveal video here.

Check out the official press release here.

Stay tuned for more …