Kobo unearthed an archived interview with the esteemed author Christopher Faerwald. Does it offer any insight into his mysterious downfall?


KOBO (K): You have become quite the sensation, Mr. Faerwald. Did you ever envision this level of success?


CHRISTOPHER FAERWALD (CF): I am certainly pleased that my work has reached such a large audience. Did I expect it? No, I don’t think so.


K: What is the next step in your literary journey?


CF: Once you’ve achieved a certain amount of esteem and managed to touch a vast group of people, it can become infectious. I find myself wanting more and more.


K: Are you at all worried about any potential backlash from your mercurial rise?


CF: I try not to think about it, though there are ways to keep negativity at bay, as long as you’re diligent. 


K: What do you mean?


CF: I feel like there is a deeper understanding of the universe to be had. There must be a way to navigate the dark and the light; to use both to your advantage. 


K: Okay. Well, in a similar vein, you’ve enjoyed a rare blend of critical acclaim and mainstream popularity. Is that sustainable? Can you have your cake and eat it too, as it were?


CF: For a time, at least. Nothing lasts. Every meal ends with a bill.