At Kobo we often say we were created by booklovers for booklovers, and one of our favourite things to do is celebrate authors –  the creators of the books we love. It is for this reason that it was especially exciting to have Hiroshi "Mickey" Mikitani here as both the owner and creator of Rakuten, Kobo’s parent company, and as an author.

Hiroshi Mikitani’s Market Place 3.0 – Rewriting the Rules of Borderless Business is a book that describes a revolution in the way business is conducted online – a shift from the internet being a tool for ecommerce, to the internet as part of a retail ecosystem empowering merchants, consumers and communities.

It’s a revolution Mickey played no small part in creating -- the Financial Times recently called him the leader of a pack of rebel entrepreneurs that has shaken up business practices in Japan.

 Check out Mikitani’s conversation with Mike Serbinis, president and CEO of Kobo: