It’s a brave daughter who calls her mom a squawking chicken. And a braver one yet who writes a book about it.

Let no one say Elaine Lui lacks courage. Lui is perhaps better known as Lainey of LaineyGossip, the must-read celebrity blog that tells it like it is when it comes to superstar shenanigans. She’s also a host of CTV’s daily talk show The Social, and has a regular gig on CTV’s eTalk. So when she’s talking, we’re listening and the dish is gossip.

Except when it’s chicken. Lui calls her book a “memoir – sort of”, and in it she tells the story of her extremely loud and incredibly close relationship with her mother whose nickname since childhood is “Squawking Chicken”. If you heard her you’d know why says Lui. 

Lui means the book to be a conversation starter, in that her relationship with her mom is not conventional, is extremely controlling, and yet shows a parenting model that really works, or at least it really worked for her.

“I am her only child and I have been the target of her squawking for all of my 40 years,” says Lui. “This book is about how my mother engineered my life. It’s meant to be provocative.”

She says “there is a school of thought that you should let your child be who they are meant to be” but in her own case, “my mother always knew what she wanted me to be and deliberately set out to create this child.”

“It’s not the most tender relationship but it is filled with care and meaning.”

The Squawking Chicken has lots of advice not just for Lui but for all of us. Check it out: