Kobo is excited to give iPhone users everywhere the ultimate flexibility to browse, preview and buy their favourite eBooks with the Kobo Instant Reader, powered by HTML5. Previously available for iPad, Chrome, and Safari users, now iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 customers can enjoy all of the features of the Kobo Instant Reader.

Have you ever read a review in the newspaper or watched an interview with your favourite author and wished you could look up the book right away? Kobo knows that people might not always be sitting in front of their computer when this happens, but they ARE likely to have their smartphone with them. With the addition of the Kobo Instant Reader for iPhones Kobo continues to focus on providing customers with a read freely experience no matter where they are. And the best part about Kobo Instant Reader is that once you’ve bought your eBook, you can read it offline – protecting your data usage.

As with all Kobo apps and devices, your library is automatically synced to keep you turning pages anytime, anywhere! And you always have the option to try before you buy, with Kobo previews. Check out the Kobo Instant Reader at read.KoboBooks.com

Check out the Kobo Instant Reader at Read.Kobo.com. Press ‘Enter’ to browse and preview books right away

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